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Criminal Defense
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A criminal defense lawyer has many roles to fulfill during a criminal case. He has to defend the person who has been charged and speaks on behalf of the client. In criminal justice, the Criminal Defense Lawyer serves as the protector, confidant, and guide of the defendant.

Types of Criminal Defense Lawyer 

There are mainly two types of Criminal Defense Lawyers:

  • Attorneys who are appointed by the court, which the government pays for
  • Private attorneys who the defendant pays for

Both these lawyers research and investigate your case and negotiate deals with the prosecutors. The discounts may consist of reduced charges, reduced sentences, and reduced bail.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer

There are many factors such as public pressure, political pressure, packed calendar of court, and overcrowded jails, so deal-making is very important and is an essential element in clarifying the criminal justice system. A criminal defense lawyer will formulate a plea, examine the witness, analyze the prosecutor’s case and the potential sentence, and manage many other things for you. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth today at the Attorney Edwin J. Youngblood to not be charged when you are innocent.

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